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DIY Escape Room for Beginners

Learn how to create an escape room in your own home or office

Things you'll learn...

How to design an escape room and host it inside your own home or office space.

  • Gain a strong foundation in puzzle creation

  • Gain a certificate upon completion

  • Dos and Don'ts for developing your game

  • A framework that you can use time and time again

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What is an Escape Room?

    • What to expect from this course

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Worksheet #1: Lean Gameplan

    • Things to Consider

    • Picking a Theme

    • Writing out the Story

  • 3

    Conceptualizing Puzzles

    • Intro to Puzzles

    • Use What You Have!

    • Worksheet #2: List of Puzzles, Locks and Keys

    • Example Puzzle #1

    • Example Puzzle #2

    • Example Puzzle #3

  • 4

    Putting it all Together

    • Worksheet #3: Storyboarding

    • Materials and Building

    • Hints

  • 5

    Test Run and Iteration

    • Go Through it Yourself

    • Get a Second Opinion

  • 6

    Final Steps

    • Dos and Don'ts

    • Thank You!


Tom Davies

Tom is a designer. He loves to create all sorts of interactive experiences from escape rooms and murder mysteries, to board games and workshops. Tom also has extensive professional experience in graphic design and layout design.