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Things you'll learn...

  • Build a stakeholder register in the easiest and simplest way

  • Do stakeholder analysis

  • Utilize a special project that I've written just for this course

  • Walk you through 12 key steps to handling difficult stakeholders

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A message from your Instructor

    • Welcome to Game-Changing Stakeholder Management!

  • 2

    Stakeholders DEFINED

    • Stakeholders DEFINED

    • Who are your stakeholders?

  • 3

    The Project

    • Who are your stakeholders, FOR REAL?

    • A Conference & Retreat Centre Project

  • 4

    Building a Register: Part I

    • Building a Stakeholder Register: Part I

    • Tips for digging deeper

    • The Register: Stakeholder List Assignment

  • 5

    Assessing Power & Politics

    • What can we KNOW about our Stakeholders?

    • Stakeholder Power & Politics

    • Power & Politics Assignment

  • 6

    Expert Judgement

    • 3 Different Types of Expert Judgement

  • 7

    Building a Register: Part II

    • Adding what Stakeholders Want

    • Building a Stakeholder Register: Part II

  • 8

    Trust, Motivation and Walking the Talk

    • Prioritizing Trust

    • Discovering Stakeholder Motivation

    • Walking the Talk: Assessing your Own Leadership Motivations

  • 9

    Building a Register: Part III

    • Measuring Interest and Involvement: Part I

    • Measuring Interest and Involvement: Part II

    • Building a Stakeholder Register: Part III

  • 10

    Building a Register: Part IV

    • Getting to Know Your Stakeholders: Idiosyncrasies

    • Building a Stakeholder Register: Part IV

  • 11

    SNEAK PEEK: 12 Steps to Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders Course

    • 12 Steps for Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders

  • 12

    Using A Stakeholder Register

    • Using a Stakeholder Register

  • 13


    • You've Changed the Game in Stakeholder Management

    • More courses for you!


Amber McMillan

Amber is a diversely skilled professional with a unique approach for innovating and leading projects in various environments. With experience in all aspects of project, change and people management as well as operations and organizational strategy, she is committed to the highest of standards, works diligently to create positive working environments and is motivated by her own contagious enthusiasm. With tangible credentials and over 25 years of experience in both profit and not-for-profit environments, she is well equipped to contribute her skill set in complex organizations in need of dynamic and proprietary services.