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Stupendous Snack & Treats

Things you'll learn...

How to cook 7 different and delicious recipes.

  • Secrets to making delicious and nutritious food

  • Tips and tricks for recipe variations

  • proper Techniques for preparing, assembling and cooking food for friends and family

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Stupendous Snacks and Treats!

    • Welcome to the Cooking Class

    • About the Chef

  • 2

    Cooking Utensils You'll Need

    • Cooking Utensils and Equipment Needed

    • Utensils Information Video

  • 3

    Cooking Terms That Are Good To Know

    • Common Cooking Terms

    • Common Cooking Terms Video

  • 4


    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Zoodles

    • Recipe Variations

  • 5

    Secret Chocolate Cake

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Secret Chocolate Cake

    • Recipe Variations

  • 6

    Queen of Hearts Snacks

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Queen of Heart Snacks

  • 7

    Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

    • Recipe Variations

  • 8

    Spider Snacks

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Spider Snacks

    • Recipe Variations

  • 9

    Window Rolls

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Window Rolls

    • Recipe Variations

  • 10

    Ghoulish Cupcakes

    • The Recipe

    • Ingredient Facts

    • Making Ghoulish Cupcakes

    • Recipe Variations

  • 11


    • You completed the course!

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Chef Amber

Chef Amber lives in Victoria, BC Canada and has been a cooking instructor for more than 20 years. She started her cooking career at a summer camp and then worked as a pastry chef and cake decorator while honing her skills. She started her own cooking school in 2003 and has continued to cater and cook for non-for-profits and community centres until present day. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and engaging teacher that likes to "keep it simple" and her teaching style reflects that. She published her first cookbook in 2011 called "Dining Choisez" and is happy to present cooking courses for Everlearn in benefit to all.